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Easy Explainer Video Character Animations in After Effects | Tutorial

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One of the most marketable skills you can pick up as an After Effects user is being able to create Explainer videos with character animation. It may seem difficult to create these type of projects. Thankfully, it’s actually very easy. So in this After Effects tutorial, we’re going to breakdown the simple workflow for approaching this type of project. Learn how to easily gather vector character designs for your projects. How to organize and animate full characters extremely fast. After watching this After Effects and Illustrator tutorial, you’ll be able to create professional explainer video animations!

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0:00 Intro – Smash The Like Button :)
0:52 How To Design Characters & Scenes
1:23 Our After Effects Animation Templates – Save Hundreds of Hours
1:47 Organize Your Characters & Scenes For Animation
3:32 Import Your Characters Into After Effects
3:47 Setup The Scene
4:09 Scale & Position Your Character(s)
4:45 Character Animation With The Puppet Tool
7:36 Animate Facial Expressions
7:44 Facial Expressions – Blinking Eyes
8:40 Facial Expressions – Moving Mouth
9:25 Outro – Please Subscribe :)

By: SonduckFilm
Title: Easy Explainer Video Character Animations in After Effects | Tutorial
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