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SUPER QUICK Kinetic Typography in AE! | Adobe After Effects Tutorial

This After Effects tutorial will teach you how to create kinetic typography SUPER QUICK! Animate your text in a matter of minutes with this hack.

Project Files and Presets:

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00:00 – Series Intro
00:10 – Episode Intro
01:45 – Setting up the project
02:29 – Adding Audio to the timeline
03:13 – Adding Text to the timeline
03:28 – Manually center text in layer content
03:38 – Adding keyframes and the value expression to Text Position
04:04 – Adding keyframes to Source Text
04:27 – Adding more Text to create keyframes
05:09 – Using third party plugins to center text in layer content
05:59 – Repeat the process
07:53 – Altering the value expression
08:12 – Making Global Text changes
09:03 – Correcting spelling
09:57 – Saving the Animation Preset
10:29 – Summary
11:05 – Envato Elements Promo
12:33 – Outro

As always, thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time!

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Title: SUPER QUICK Kinetic Typography in AE! | Adobe After Effects Tutorial
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