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Creating A Crazy Animated Intro | After Effects Workflow

A look behind the scenes at how I created the intro for Inside an Animator’s Mind, A student collaboration project. From the design of the character with pencil and paper to more vector illustration, and animation using both Callipeg for frame-by-frame animation on the iPad & Adobe After Effects.

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Sound Design by: QB Sound |

The Incredible Animators: (In order of appearance)

Andrew Marston |
Sam Rocheleau |
Mat&Fab |
Magdalena Dużej |
Luigi Salas |
Mikael Jutbo |
Amatita |
Sengsavane Chounramany |
Miki (whitekosita) |
Juan Daleas |
Keilah Cass |
Ingeborg Munk Toft |
Nano Vazquez |
Phillip Zhang |
Madalin Dragnea |
Dakotah Cort |
Owen Mackinder |
Kyle Woodard |
Fraser Dinsdale |
Jake Martin |
Sven Lehmkuhl |
Campion Kirkham |
Alaine Caudle |
Robin Schwarz |
Li Zhen Xiao |
Trevor Wood |

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By: Ben Marriott
Title: Creating A Crazy Animated Intro | After Effects Workflow
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