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Learn After Effects fast! Crash Course for Beginners Tutorial

If you’re looking to learn After Effects fast, you’ve come to the right place with this beginners tutorial in After Effects for 2021! In this crash course for beginners I’ll cover the interface, importing assets, animating in After Effects, using easy ease, various useful hot keys, most commonly used techniques such as masking and track mattes, applying and changing presets, using and editing effects and the usefulness of nested comps.

This After Effects for beginners tutorial will walk you through the step by step crash course of importing and the settings that should be used, to animating and creating motion graphics and using various effects and techniques to get a good looking motion graphics or animation clip. By the end of this beginner after effects tutorial, you’ll be familiar enough with After Effects to create a professional looking animation.

0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Setting your composition
2:30 – Interface
4:36 – Importing
8:45 – Precompositions /Nested Compositions explanation
10:01 – Animating in After Effects – keyframes, paths, easy ease, hot keys
18:49 – Creating Text
20:47 – Mask and text animation presets
23:25 – Track mattes
27:13 – Precomps other uses
29:00 – Effects
30:23 – Rendering

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By: RobynO
Title: Learn After Effects fast! Crash Course for Beginners Tutorial
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