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You NEED to understand spatial interpolation \\ After Effects Tutorial

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We’ve all been there: you want a layer to move around, stay still, then move again. But when the layer is supposed to stay still, it drifts around randomly before returning to its starting point. It’s frustrating, to say the least. This is a result of After Effects assuming it knows better than you. Don’t let After Effects tell you what you want. It’s time you understood what Spatial Interpolation is and how to keep After Effects in check.


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00:00 Your layers drift, here’s how to fix it.
01:38 NordPass Business
03:29 Why do layers drift?
05:49 Pressing the button
07:08 Adding Texture
07:49 Exporting an MP4
08:15 3D Spatial Interpolation
09:10 Wrap Up

By: Jake In Motion
Title: You NEED to understand spatial interpolation \\ After Effects Tutorial
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