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Why i’ve FULLY switched to Davinci Resolve (and why you should too)

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My goal with this Davinci Course was to create the best place on the internet for anyone at any level to get an in depth understanding of this software. With over 90 video lessons totalling over 18 hours of content i can confidently say that this is the course I wish I had earlier on in my career. And this is just the beginning. I plan on continuing to add more as I continue to learn and as Blackmagic continues to update the program with new features. Ill see you in Kolder Creative!

0:00 – intro
3:30 – Price
4:32 – Speed and Reliability
5:30 – Interface
8:24 – Databases
9:31 – Scene Cut Detection
9:48 – Export individual Clips
10:06 – Shortcuts
10:46 – Color
13:38 – Fusion
14:50 – Fairlight (sound design)
16:01 – Blackmagic Design
16:27 – Things i dont like
17:49 – Its time to switch!


By: kold
Title: Why i”ve FULLY switched to Davinci Resolve (and why you should too)
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