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VIDEO MASTERCLASS | Your First Edit – Premiere Pro Basics, Pt.1

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In today’s Masterclass, Jason will guide you through the process of your very first attempt at editing in Premiere Pro. From import and selection options, to assembling your sequence and understanding tools in the timeline, this is meant to break the fear of beginning your editing/production journey in Premiere Pro. We’ll continue this ‘basics’ series over the next few weeks. Bring your questions!


00:00 Start
2:00 Overview of Today’s Stream
6:35 Creating a New Project
9:55 Importing Footage
14:45 Is Premiere Pro Optimized for M1 Chips?
17:20 Ways to Storyboard Footage
32:10 Another Way to Put Footage into a Sequence
36:19 Going Over Timeline Tools
40:18 Trimming Clips in the Timeline
43:43 How to Ripple Delete
48:05 Using the Razor Tool
48:52 Explaining the Slip Tool
50:40 Going Over the Text Tool
52:50 How to Use Transitions
55:20 Export Settings

By: Adobe Creative Cloud
Title: VIDEO MASTERCLASS | Your First Edit – Premiere Pro Basics, Pt.1
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