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The last Graph Editor video you’ll EVER need \\ After Effects Tutorial

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The graph editor is the single most important tool you can use as an animator in After Effects, and it isn’t as difficult to understand and use as you think it is. Easy ease only takes you so far. I’m going to break down exactly how the speed and value graphs work in After Effects so you can stop being afraid to click that button and start taking control of how your layers actually move.


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00:00 Intro
00:53 Surfshark VPN
02:41 Basics of timing and spacing
04:47 The difference custom easing makes
07:11 The Value Graph
10:37 The Speed Graph
13:42 Benefits of the Value Graph
15:31 Benefits of the Speed Graph
17:25 Limitations of the Value Graph
18:40 Using both graphs to improve lots of keyframes
23:44 Final thoughts

By: Jake In Motion
Title: The last Graph Editor video you’ll EVER need \\ After Effects Tutorial
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