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The DEFINITIVE DaVinci Resolve 17 Tutorial for Beginners to Hero Guide

The DaVinci Resolve 17 tutorial for beginners to make better looking films:

Used on more television shows and Hollywood films DaVinci Resolve could be the key to unlocking the magic of your footage and making it look more cinematic.

For over 10 years we have been helping filmmakers create better looking films with tutorials that walk the beginner through how to get started in Resolve all the way to advanced techniques.

Techniques that once you know them will help set you apart and get the kind of attention that leads to opportunities and brand deals as a filmmaker.

Not only will this tutorial arm you with the information that you need to know to use the software but it will actually help you to be more marketable as a filmmaker as you will become keen on a Hollywood-grade production tool.

Blackmagic Design is now in their 17th version of this amazing color grading tool and you are only limited by the time you’re willing to put in to discover it’s advanced features like the Ai tracker and NEW color warper tool which we cover.

If you’re looking a for a how to tutorial that walks you through the entire process so you can start seeing results today without having to watch tons of tutorials you will be able to do that with this walkthrough:

02:23 – Media Pool
03:03 – Cut Page
04:38 – Edit Page
05:58 – Fusion Page
07:13 – Color Page
24:46 – Fairlight Page
25:54 – Deliver Page

If you’re looking to go big this year in 2021 then maybe this DaVinci Resolve 17 tutorial for beginners is just for you!

And if everything was too fast and you’re looking for a course that takes you all the way through the process of becoming a colorist of your own films step-by-step then check out the free workshop:

It’s densely packed with over 1 hour of game changing content and at the end we’ll have a special discount on our Color Grading Academy as well as Cinema Grade our popular grading plugin.

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Denver Riddle
CGC Founder & Colorist


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Title: The DEFINITIVE DaVinci Resolve 17 Tutorial for Beginners to Hero Guide
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