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Sync Stomp Motion Graphics To Music in After Effects

1400+ Motion Graphics Pro Pack: – Nikki is cool. So for this After Effects tutorial, we take a look at how to sync motion graphics to music. We’ll be going after the stomp sync beat style, which involves drums, claps, and other percussion based music. We’ll be going through 4 techniques to help you produce awesome promo work with music!

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0:00 Intro – Let’s get 1000 Likes on this video!
0:48 Technique 1 – Add Markers or else…
1:41 Technique 2 – Sync Backgrounds & Titles, if you want…
4:10 Become a Professional
4:45 Technique 3 – Cute Shapes
5:50 Technique 4 – IDK Transitions man
7:30 Outro – Subscribe because… flat Earth?

4 Stomp Sync Beat Promo Techniques in After Effects
Sync Motion Graphics To Music in After Effects

By: SonduckFilm
Title: Sync Stomp Motion Graphics To Music in After Effects
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