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SUPER QUICK Kinetic Typography in AE! | Adobe After Effects Tutorial

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00:00 – Series intro
00:10 – Episode intro
02:00 – Setting up the project
02:33 – Pro Tip using rulers!
03:05 – Leading vs. Kerning
03:16 – Adjusting text size and leading
04:19 – Adding some color
04:42 – Aligning text with audio + Adding the “Typewriter” expression
05:00 – Adjusting the expression
05:19 – Animating the text based on the expression’s start percentage
06:19 – Timing text animator keyframes to audio
06:59 – Adjusting the position of the text
08:13 – Final result
08:35 – Envato Elements promo
10:02 – Outro

Hey everybody, I’m Jeff Knight. And welcome back to another exciting and informative episode of 7 Minute AE Tutorials, where you learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts in 7 minutes or less. No BS. Just AE.
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create kinetic typography super quick using Hold Keyframes and an expression. This entire text block was created using just one text layer. Impress your clients or your boss in just a few minutes with this kinetic typography technique.

This tutorial will give you a better understanding of using text animators as well as using Hold Keyframes. There are a lot of ways to create kinetic typography, and this is just one of those ways. his technique is super helpful especially if you’re in a time crunch.

This episode is sponsored by the good people over at Envato Elements. Check them out using the link in the description below and get an amazing 70% discount off your first month. Envato Elements has everything a serious motion graphic designer could possibly want and need. Check out their promo at the end of this tutorial. Visit them today using the link in the description below, and get unlimited downloads with your membership. Make sure to tell them that Jeff Knight from 7 Minute AE Tutorials sent you. Once you sign up, you won’t remember how you ever animated before Envato Elements!

I hope this tutorial helped you out and that you learned something new and useful. I’m all about saving time, increasing efficiency, and always learning as much as possible about motion graphics. So make sure to come back next time for another tutorial that will expand your knowledge of After Effects while teaching you some really cool tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

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The link to that course, to our 7 Minute AE store, the amazing 70% discount for Envato Elements, and the project file for this episode are all in the description below. As always, thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time!

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Title: SUPER QUICK Kinetic Typography in AE! | Adobe After Effects Tutorial
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