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Silverwing Quick-Tip: Octane Camera Projection

Made Using C4D 2023.1.3
Octane 2022.1_R8

Octane Projection Setup Scene:

Hello everyone.
After last weeks almost 1h “Mega-Tip” here´s a short one again, where I show two ways how you can setup a proper camera projection within Octane in Cinema 4D

Thank you very much for watching.
P.s. leave a comment if you have any good Idea for a future quick tip / tut.

0:00 Intro
0:32 C4D Simple Scene Setup
3:07 C4D Native Projection Setup
3:46 Explaining what happens in the Background
5:44 Octane Native Projection Setup
6:16 Flipping the Image
6:33 Setting Projection to World Space
7:12 Fitting the Projection within the Field Of View
8:25 Collecting Ideas for Dynamic Projection Setup
9:06 Xpresso to the Rescue
10:07 Setting Up the Xpresso Math
12:52 Final Test of the Projection
13:40 Outro

By: SilverwingVFX
Title: Silverwing Quick-Tip: Octane Camera Projection
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