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Scene Nodes Tutorial: The Future of Cinema4D

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Scene nodes have been an underhyped feature of C4D since release. As far as I can see it is an essential switch of attitude by Maxon that is essential for the survival of the software. Thing are not perfect yet, and there is a lot left to do, but there are already a bunch of useful applicaitons- and we need to start using them more so Maxon can improve.

Today we’re going to do a popular technique that has been created many time before in normal cinema4d, but this time in scene nodes, which gives us a higher level of creative control and also lets us visuallize the technique in a more intuitive way. Hope you enjoy.

What do you think of scene nodes? Cool, annoying or both? Any feedback on the video presentation is also welcome so I can make this better and better.

By: Jack Ke
Title: Scene Nodes Tutorial: The Future of Cinema4D
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