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Particle Emitter Animation in Cinema 4D: Tutorial

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Discover in this video tutorial how to bring your animation projects to life using the Emitter tool in Cinema 4D. You will learn step by step how to use this powerful tool to create captivating and dynamic effects. Explore innovative animation techniques and unleash your creativity in the three-dimensional world. Expand your Cinema 4D skills and discover the full potential of the Emitter tool. Don’t miss this essential tutorial for creating awesome animations!

00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Create a 3D box
01:17 – Create the floor
02:20 – Create emitter box
05:10 – Create simulation tags
06:05 – Increase particle birthrate
07:14 – Add camera
07:42 – Animate camera
09:05 – Show camera handles
10:05 – Add a target tag to camera

By: Tutos
Title: Particle Emitter Animation in Cinema 4D: Tutorial
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