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New Node Editor Workflow Tips for Redshift 3.5 – Cinema 4D R26 / C4D S26

Hey, I’m Derek Kirk aka Effectatron. In this Guide Tutorial we a look at the New Node Editor workflow for Redshift Render Engine and how to make the transition into the new workflow smoothly from the legacy shader graph. Also how to set up the old way incase you want to, as well as helpful workflow tips for the node editor. 3D artists all vary in style and this hopefully will help you find your set up with Redshift 3.5

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Hi, I’m Derek Kirk and I love teaching redshift c4d for beginners as well as other cinema 4D tutorials and redshift tutorials.
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By: Effectatron
Title: New Node Editor Workflow Tips for Redshift 3.5 – Cinema 4D R26 / C4D S26
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