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New ACES Workflow in Cinema 4D 2023 and After Effects Beta

Now that Cinema 4D 2023 has implemented OpenColorIO & ACES and After Effects will soon be doing the same (OCIO has been added to the Beta version), I walk through what these changes mean for for our ACES workflow. (Sorry about the audio; I’m going to make it a point to actually learn how to do this properly)

00:00 Intro
00:59 C4D 2023 OCIO Settings
05:47 Exporting Raw EXRs
08:32 Exporting JPGs
09:32 Setting Up Textures in Redshift
12:01 After Effects Beta OCIO Setup v1.0.3
31:53 Maybe an Easier AE OCIO Setup?
38:00 Color Grading in LOG Gamma
44:46 ACES Transforms Only on Export
49:40 After Effects Beta ACES Version Options
57:05 Criticism of ACES and Potential Future Fixes



If you’re brand new to ACES and OCIO here are some good places to start learning about what all the fuss is about:

Chris Brejon’s ACES Blog

Aces Central Online Community

Lego Movie Talk

InLightVFX’s Add VFX into Cinematic RAW+LOG Footage (the right way) | ACES Part 1

Youtube Video explaining gamma encoding:

Andrey Lebrov’s Introduction to ACES

Greyscale Gorilla’s Why Cinema 4D Artists Should Care About ACES

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Title: New ACES Workflow in Cinema 4D 2023 and After Effects Beta
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