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My Start-To-Finish Davinci Resolve Color Grading Process for a FULL SCENE – Get The Look FAST!

My color grading process for matching the clips in a scene and giving them all a consistent look is a simple way to get from flat footage to final look quickly! In this video, I take you through a step-by-step, start-to-finish guide on everything that goes into that process. Along the way, we’ll learn about nodes, color correction, white balance, film emulation and more!

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Table of Contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:31 – Analyze The Scene
2:28 – Basic Node Sctructure
4:23 – Converting LOG footage (Color Space Transform)
9:34 – Color Correction
14:23 – Matching Clips In A Scene
29:05 – Creating a “Look”
40:50 – Double Checking The Look
42:26 – The Final Result
43:05 – Conclusion
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By: Dunna Did It
Title: My Start-To-Finish Davinci Resolve Color Grading Process for a FULL SCENE – Get The Look FAST!
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