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Motion 4 (plug-in) After Effects Tutorial – Complete Guide

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An After Effects tutorial for the Motion 4 plug-in by Mt Mograph.

Project file download –

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Timestamps –
00:00 Intro
00:29 Discount code (10% off)
00:42 What’s new?
03:12 Shapes
03:19 Texture
03:42 Dynamics
04:02 Rename, Null, Parent, Trash, Reverse, Grab
04:57 Break, Clone, Clone Text Break, Trim Pin Plus
05:42 Sort
06:04 Animo
06:21 Delay
06:40 Echo
07:00 Falloff
07:30 Cloth
08:20 Burst
08:35 Spin
08:40 Excite
08:52 Jump
09:06 Trace
09:24 Blend
09:44 Orbit
10:11 Stare
10:29 Vignette
10:33 Warp
10:55 Outro


About the Motion 4 plug-in –
The most helpful Extension for motion designers using Adobe After Effects. Power through projects with a tour de force of tools and controls for professional animators

Tools and controls to master your animation
Meet Motion 4 — everything you loved from v2 and v3. Redesigned and rebuilt, with brand new tool sets and a slick modern UI.

Help from Motion to ease, anchor and everything in-between
Finally a new way to handle your keyframes and motion. Use the Curve Graph, Easing Sliders, or your own custom User Library to make working with keyframes easy.

Best in class Toolbox and custom controls
Use more than 50+ tools and custom Effect Controls to amplify how you animate, and what your keyframes can do.

Color in 360 degrees
Work with the whole color spectrum like never before. Use powerful built-in tools like the Eyedropper, Palette Library and HSB sliders, or import your own .ASE

Create custom Groups to visually isolate your Layers. Select, Shy, Lock, Grab and Hide groups for a futuristic upgrade in how you work and what you see.


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By: Holmes Motion
Title: Motion 4 (plug-in) After Effects Tutorial – Complete Guide
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