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Modeling in Cinema 4d Lite

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This series is made possible with the awesome hardware of MSI Creator Z17 Content Creation laptop, check out at

Learn to make and modify geometry in Cinema 4d Lite. We may not have access to all the tools, but we can still make a lot! Follow along to learn the basic skills to make just about anything you can imagine. Work up from basic primitives to complex geometry as we explore many modeling methods.

Download project files:

00:00 – Welcome!
01:15 – Primitive Modeling
03:52 – Deformers
07:07 – Generators
10:16 – Sweeps
12:41 – Lofts
14:38 – Make Editable
16:10 – Box Modeling Lite
19:40 – Booleans
21:26 – Fields and Deformers
23:56 -Real Sculpting
You Say?
24:59 – Instances

More in the series:
Part 1 Overview –
Part 2 Modelling – You’re Here!
Part 3 Animate Objects and Systems – Coming Soon
Part 4 Materials and Lights – Coming Soon
Part 5 Rendering and Compositing – Coming Soon

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

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By: ECAbrams
Title: Modeling in Cinema 4d Lite
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