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Make ANYTHING Retro in After Effects

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In this video, I break down how to create this retro, analog, vintage style animation that mimics 80s VHS effects using only digital resources. Procreate, Callipeg, and Adobe After Effects are used in this tutorial.

This time I’m breaking down the process of this simple animation using Adobe After Effects. Don’t skip the video if you want to know exactly how I created this vintage look.

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RGB Split:

Plugins Mentioned:
Deep Glow (Affiliate Link, I’ll get a little kickback if you purchase through this link at no expense to you)

00:00 Intro
00:13 Design/Illustration in Procreate
00:42 Frame by Frame animation in Callipeg
01:45 Putting it together in After Effects
02:37 Animating the Space Background
03:03 Celluloid Shadows
03:57 Looping Texture Film Damage
04:38 Rive
05:54 Degrading The Image
06:47 Glow and Blooming Highlights
08:14 Chromatic Aberration
09:27 Film Reel Shake
10:35 Film Grain
11:13 Icy Synths
10:32 Final Suggestions

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By: Ben Marriott
Title: Make ANYTHING Retro in After Effects
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