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Learn After Effects 2022 | Beginners Tutorial

Learn After Effects 2022 with our Beginners Masterclass taught by our channel’s incredible VFX teacher Nick Khoo.

This is a fun, project based masterclass that will have you understanding After Effects in just 60 minutes. That means you will learn VFX and Motion Graphics so that you can take your videos to the next level.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:03:43 The Sky / Shape Tools + Gradient Fills
00:06:47 The Sun / Shape Tools + Gradient Fills
00:08:40 The Grid / Effects + 3D Layers
00:11:11 What Is Pre-Composing?
00:18:31 Animation / Keyframes
00:24:15 Sponsor Break
00:29:21 Chrome Text/Alpha Matte
00:35:20 Bevel Edges
00:47:35 Side Text
00:50:27 Putting It Together/Compositing
00:56:11 Finishing Touches/Adding Some MSG
01:04:05 Adding Distortion/VHS Garble
01:07:15 Exporting From After Effects
01:10:17 Final Thoughts

By: Olufemii
Title: Learn After Effects 2022 | Beginners Tutorial
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