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KINETIX | Kinetic Typography Tutorial

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Breakdown of Content
Intro – 00:00
Overview – 0:34
Adobe Font Kit – 2:20
Customizing Text- 3:35
Combining Elements – 12:30
Adding Details – 13:46
Animation Presets – 17:29
Rendering and Exporting – 23:46
Bringing into Your Software – 25:17
Advice / Conclusion – 26:14

KINETIX – an all new pack that lets you create pro-level mograph and kinetic type looks in just a few clicks in After Effects.

I’ve always loved looks like this – whether stand alone or used as part of a title sequence or #tourvisuals look.

But after trying templates out there, I found they were kinda rigid and stuck to the style of the promo. I wanted to create something more stackable – something that would be easy to customize and make my own regardless of the style needs of the project.

The modular mograph system of KINETIX lets you customize colors, fonts and more – and then layer on custom details and ready-to-go animations for a super refined look with more ease than ever. Everything you need to really bring a quality motion graphics scene to life.

Think of it as a cart full of good ingredients – use the provided recipes you see here… or do you or own tasty thing :).

Check out the full walkthrough video showing you how to customize it all in After Effects – whether you’re a seasoned expert or more of a noob (like me). I’ll show you how to get some amazing looks and then export and use in your favorite software (Premiere, FCP, Davinci, etc) for whatever project you’re working on.

Check out more at the link in my bio! Happy editing everyone!

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Title: KINETIX | Kinetic Typography Tutorial
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