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Kinetic Typography in After Effects Part 2

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We continue our journey into kinetic typography in this After Effects tutorial.
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Partial, Auto-Generated Transcript Below 👇

Intro (00:00:04): Oh, he’s a rock biter! Rock biter?!

Joey Korenman (00:00:22): Howdy Joey here at school of motion. That was great. And welcome to day 17 of 30 days of after effects. Now this lesson is part two of a three-part series on making a kinetic type video. If you haven’t watched part one, definitely go watch that first, this time, we’re going to pick up where we left off in the last lesson. We’re going to start to get into camera animation, check out some more animation techniques and learn more tricks for working with a big piece like this. Don’t forget to sign up for a free student account so you can grab the project files from this lesson as well as assets from any other lesson on the site. Now let’s hop into after effects and get started. Well, here is where we left off with the last video we animated the footsteps. We did our first couple of moves with the camera.

Joey Korenman (00:01:03): We set up an environment and we’ve marked out all of the places where our animation needs to go based on the audio. Um, and so we’re just going to keep, keep moving forward here. So if we look at the final render that we’re recreating, uh, the next piece of animation, uh, is the Pantex. So, you know, the little dudes running through the forest and, uh, he’s out of breath. And then he’s going to say his first line. And so what I did for these I’ll show you how I animated them. But, um, you know, when I listened to the audio for anything I’m animating, I, I try to pick out little details that I think might be fun to animate, and you don’t have to animate to every single little noise you hear that might actually be too much, but, um, anything that’s gonna give the animation some character and maybe give it just a little bit of a visual break can help.

Joey Korenman (00:01:55): And I knew that I’ve got this really fast thing happening here. The panting kind of acts as like a beat in between that. And then the first line of dialogue. It’s just a nice little buffer kind of all right. So let me show you how I made that. Let’s go back into our audio setup comp and let’s actually rename that to main comp. All right. Um, so where, what, what I’m going to do is make a pre-com that has that panting animation in it. And I want to maintain these nice audio markers that have already made. Um, and the problem is if I just make a new comp right command and make a new comp, those markers are not in the new comp, but here’s a cool trick. What you can do is, uh, hit command Y make a new solid layer, and it doesn’t even matter what you name it, and then pre composed that layer.

Joey Korenman (00:02:47): So shift command C make sure that you’re moving all the attributes into a new composition, and we can call this panting animation. Right. And now if we go into that, all of those markers get copied over, okay. So now even inside this pre-camp I have the timing all kind of marked out. And then of course, I want to copy the audio clip. So let me copy that, paste it in here. And I don’t want to hear this audio clip play inside of this comp. So I’m going to control, click it and make it into a guide layer. All right. And so I’m going to do this step a bunch during this tutorial, because this is super useful. Um, so there we go. So now I’ve got my audio, I’ve got my markers. And so I know that this let’s see here. This is where the panting is in here.

Joey Korenman (00:03:45): Okay. Um, and I, I can mark it out, but it’s, there’s only three little pants in there. So I’m going to say pants way more than I intended to during this video. Um, so I’m just going to kind of figure it out as we go. So, uh, the animation for the word, all right. First let’s, let’s go to our illustrator file here and let’s see. So I didn’t actually create that artwork, but you know, when, when I was animating it, um, that was just sort of like another idea that I came up with inside of after effects, which is fine. So I am going to just create that artwork inside of after effects. So gonna grab a type layer, I’m going to type in pant in parentheses like that, you know, it’s kinda like sigh or something like that. You put it in parentheses and it becomes almost like a, an aside the character.

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