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Kinetic Typography in After Effects Part 1

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In this three part series we’ll cover how to create kinetic typography in After Effects.
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Cartoon Voice (00:00:04): No, he’s a rock biter! A rock biter!

Joey Korenman (00:00:22): Joey here at school of motion and welcome to day 16 of 30 days of after effects. This video is part one of a three lesson series, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m going to walk you through nearly every single step that it takes to create the kinetic type piece that played at the beginning of this video. I wanted to do that because I thought it might be interesting to walk you through an entire project step by step, because there are so many things that have to come together when you’re sinking audio. And you’re trying to get typed to pop up at the right time and you’re thinking of how to animate. And then you’ve got tons of layers and camera moves. There’s just a lot of stuff. So I want to show you how I deal with the complexities of a normal motion, graphics, job, kinetic type jobs have been around for a long time, and they’re probably not going away anytime soon.

Joey Korenman (00:01:08): Now, before we get started, don’t forget to sign up for a free student account. So you can grab the project files from this piece as well as assets from any other lesson on the site. All right. Let’s hop into after effects and let’s get going on the first part of our kinetic type video. So, first of all, if you guys don’t know what movie this quote is from then, um, then I feel old. Um, but anyway, what I want to try to do with this video, uh, is a little bit of an experiment to see, uh, how this is going to work. And, um, when this is all over, if we’re all still alive, I’d like to, uh, maybe get some feedback from you guys. Let me know if doing tutorials this way works for you. If you learn something from it. And what I want to try to do is literally over the course of, I’m guessing two to three videos, uh, I want to try to recreate this entire thing for you.

Joey Korenman (00:01:58): Um, and I might fast forward through some parts and, and, and gloss over some things, but I want to walk you step by step through it, um, because doing a video like this, especially, you know, when you’re starting out as an after effects artist, it can seem kind of daunting. Cause there’s just so many things happening. There’s, you know, there’s all these animated pieces. Um, there’s a ton of camera, movement there’s effects. And how do you manage that? Um, and sync it all up to audio and get it to feel the way you want and all that stuff. Um, and you know, really there’s, there’s not a trick to it. It, it just takes a lot of work, but I want to sort of train unless you into my head a little bit. So I’m seeking, you can kind of see how I go about setting stuff like this up.

Joey Korenman (00:02:42): Um, so, uh, so I’m going to come back to this a lot and reference it, but, uh, here we go, let’s dive in and start doing this. So, um, the first thing I wanna show you is a sort of the pieces of this that we have. Um, so all of the pieces of this animation, um, you know, the, the sort of big graphic pieces, they’re just black and white illustrator art. Um, and I just did this real quick, uh, just so we had something to work with. Um, and you know, I won’t go too far into like the illustrator part of this, but, um, just know that doing your artwork in illustrator, uh, it’s always a good idea, even if you end up like bringing into Photoshop and, and tweaking it more there, if you create it in illustrator, you always have the option of, you know, making, I mean, you know, I’ve got these tiny little footprints, um, you know, but then if I want to, I can turn on the continuous rasterize button and I can just make them enormous and they don’t pixelate.

Joey Korenman (00:03:44): So, um, that’s something that, you know, almost every little video like this, uh, the artwork has done an illustrator first. Um, and also I want to take you guys back in time, um, because you know, I’m sure a lot of you have seen this before. Um, but this type of video is called a kinetic type video. It’s one of the, it’s one of those things that just you’ll have to do at some point. Um, and you can think MK 12 for that. So this video came out in 2002, which is very hard to believe that it really was that long ago. Um, but as far as anyone can tell them, and this is, and I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but this is always cited as the first kinetic type video. So I just want to show you guys a little bit of it if you’ve never seen it.

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Title: Kinetic Typography in After Effects Part 1
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