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Is Cinema 4D Hard To Learn?

“Is Cinema 4D hard to learn?” is a question we get asked a lot as artists are looking into our CGI tutorials. In this video, Dustin Valkema talks about the 3D software and how he approached learning it for the first time.

Dustin talks about the learning curve of Cinema 4D, why 3D fundamentals are so important, the mindset of starting out, and how surrounding yourself with a great community is a big deal.

The second half of the video is excerpts from an interview with a current student of ours, Ashley Murrell, who is in week 4 of our six-week course at this time. Ashley talks about his experience in picking up Cinema 4D, the importance of practicing regularly, and shows work from his four-week journey in the 3D application.


0:00 Cinema 4D Discussion
11:04 Photoshop & Cinema 4D Layout Comparison
18:46 Interview Start with Ashley Murrel (4 weeks into C4D)
31:51 Ashley shows his creative progression (weeks 1-4 in C4D)

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Ashley’s Instagram

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Title: Is Cinema 4D Hard To Learn?
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