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Intro to Cinema 4d Lite – Overview (1/5)

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Welcome to your first steps into Cinema 4d! If you’re using Adobe After Effects, you already have Cinema 4D lite installed on your machine. In this 5 part series you’ll learn all the basics you need to start creating interesting 3d work with this free tool. Here in the first video we cover the essential functions, tools, and interface elements that we’ll use in more detail later in the series.

00:00 Welcome!
01:14 Where is this Free App anyway?
02:47 Navigation
06:51 Basic Tools
14:23 Object Managers
16:53 Attributes
18:30 Timeline
20:44 Materials
21:28 Next Time…

More in the series:
Part 2 Modeling –
Part 3 Animate Objects and Systems – Coming Soon
Part 4 Materials and Lights – Coming Soon
Part 5 Rendering and Compositing – Coming Soon

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

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By: ECAbrams
Title: Intro to Cinema 4d Lite – Overview (1/5)
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