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Intro to 3D Sculpting with ZBrush & Cinema 4D

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Learn the basics of sculpting in #Z­Brush after a short introduction to sculpting in Cinema 4D, with motion designer Dave Glanz!

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3D Modeling Made Easy With Cinema 4D Volume Modeling:

00:53 – Intro to Sculpting in Cinema 4D
03:45 – Volume Modeling Introduction
05:52 – Intro to Sculpting Tools in #C4D
08:43 – Intro to ZBrush Interface
11:49 – Polymesh 3D Overview
14:43 – ZBrush 3D Sculpting Brush Overview
18:17 – Dynamesh Introduction
21:46 – Using ZBrush’s Subtool
23:28 – Building up the Squirrel Sculpt
27:17 – Sculpt Masking Tools
30:31 – Sculpting the Eyes
32:07 – Sculpting the Mouth
38:00 – ZBrush for Hard Surface Modeling
40:18 – Conclusion

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Here are some of the most helpful:
Joseph Drust:
Michael Pavlovich:
Flipped Normals:
Glenn Patterson:
Pablo Munoz Gomez:

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
• How to create a simple base mesh using volumes in #Cinema4D.
• The basics of sculpting in C4D.
• How to get started with Zbrush 2018
• How to start sculpting, the basics of Zbrush’s tool, sub­tool, Dynamesh, and brush system.
• How to start sculpting a cartoon squirrel!

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Title: Intro to 3D Sculpting with ZBrush & Cinema 4D
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