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How To Make Lower Thirds In Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of built-in options for creating lower-third graphics.
You don’t need to use advanced applications like Adobe After Effects.

You can get a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro here:

And you can try Envato Elements here:

The lower third is on-screen text to get information across quickly such as the name and title of a person.

It’s usually on the bottom left of the screen. You can turn on safe guides to help you place your lower third.

Next, you simply type out the text you want as your lower third. Choose the font and font size that looks best for your project and move the text.
You can also add a background layer and give it a solid color. Fade the lower third in and out.

If you want more professional lower thirds, you can use platforms like Envato Elements. This come pre-designed and pre-animated and you simply drag and drop them into your project.

Envato also has other creative assets like stock videos, stock photos, and royalty-free music and you can download as many as you like.

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