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How to get the CINEMATIC LOOK in Premiere Pro Tutorial

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You can use LUTs in almost every Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X or DaVinci Resolve or any other program that supports 3D .cube files. In most programs you can do so by adding a LUT Effect to your clip and then add the .cube LUT to your footage. No matter which camera you are using, my Cinematic LUTs work with almost any mirrorless camera like the Sony A7SII, Canon EOS R, EOS R5 or Panasonic S1.
In this way you can improve your color grading and aesthetics while also saving a lot of time at color grading your videos. Find out more about how LUTs work here:



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How to get the Cinematic Look in Adobe Premiere Pro

LIVE FOR THE MOMENT | Portugal Road Trip

Yung Sony „12-Bit RAW“ Music Video | Shot on the Canon R5


Using LUTs in Premiere Pro
In Adobe Premiere Pro it’s even easier to apply a LUT to your footage. Simply select the clip or adjustment layer in your timeline that you want to add your look to and click on the COLOR TAB in the upper menu. This opens up LUMETRI COLOR on the right side of the program which lets you change all kinds of settings for color grading your videos.

If you want to add a stylized look you should select your .cube LUT in the CREATIVE TAB under LOOK. If you first need to convert your footage to the Rec.709 color space (for example if your footage is shot in a flat picture profile like LOG) you should add your conversion LUT to the BASIC CORRECTION.


Using LUTs in Final Cut Pro X
If you want to use LUTs in Final Cut Pro you need to search for CUSTOM LUT within the Effects tab and drag it over onto your clip or adjustment layer. FCPX does not include native adjustment layers but don’t worry. You can download my FREE ADJUSTMENT LAYERS for Final Cut Pro X.

After applying the effect you can find the Custom LUT tab within the Video Inspector as shown above. There you can select your LUT and change the color space as well as the Mix which is basically the intensity of your LUT. For example: If your image is too contrasty, lower the Mix to 70% to decrease the LUT intensity.

By: Christian Maté Grab
Title: How to get the CINEMATIC LOOK in Premiere Pro Tutorial
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