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How to Become a Motion Graphics Artist | Learn Motion Design (Self Teach)

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Learn how to become a motion graphics artist or motion designer – you can teach yourself , and here are some guidelines and tips! Motion Graphics is a great career to get into, but it can be difficult knowing where to start in the process of learning how to become a motion graphics artist or motion designer. There are certain animation and motion design skills to learn, and some things are pretty important- which you may not realise when trying to teach yourself . You don’t need to study or get a qualification to get into the motion graphics industry, you just need to be good at it and have a good reel to send out. This video will help you out on where you should start with learning how to become a good motion graphics artist , and the best ways to become as polished as a professional motion designer and not miss out any vital information and good motion graphics skills you should have as a motion graphics artist working in the industry.

So if you’re struggling a bit with where to start with learning motion graphics, especially if you’re not able to do a course or go to college and you need to teach yourself motion design, this should help you out with these tips for becoming a motion designer, with the basics and steps you need to take.
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0:00 – Intro
1:27 – Tip 1
5:26 – Tip 2
6:55 – Tip 3
7:54 – Tip 4
8:34 – Tip 5

*Design Books*
+Graphic Design school – The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design –
+The Non-Designer’s Design Book –
+Making and Breaking the Grid, Second Edition, Updated and Expanded: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop –

*Motion Graphics Books*
+Design for Motion: Fundamentals and Techniques of Motion Design –
+The Theory and Practice of Motion Design: Critical Perspectives and Professional Practice –

+motion graphics templates –

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Title: How to Become a Motion Graphics Artist | Learn Motion Design (Self Teach)
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