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How to Animate in After Effects | FREE COURSE

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In this awesome After Effects animation course, you’ll learn how to animate in After Effects with three beautiful projects. In this free course, you’ll start by learning about keyframe animation and how to reveal text with masks and shape layers. The three projects in this course will teach you how to animate a logo for a burger restaurant, create a stunning futuristic animated logo reveal, and use a write-on text effect to bring a chic text design to life. In these animation tutorials, you’ll master a combination of keyframe animation, text reveals, and After Effects, expressions to create complex and subtle movement. By the end of the course, you’ll know everything you need to know to prepare art for use in After Effects, animate all the different elements, and produce creative and impressive text animations!

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► Your Ultimate After Effects FAQ:

• Fonts
• Devant Horgen Font on Envato Elements
• Creative Titles Package for Premiere Pro on Envato Elements
• Note: BW Modelica is no longer available, find alternative grotesque fonts on Envato Elements
• Text Reveal Video Templates on Envato Elements
• Motion Tool by Mt. Mograph
• Burger Font (ffffff)
• Chalk Background
• Inertial Bounce Expression
• Gempire Font (63d8e5)
• Futuristic Background
• FX Console
• Optical Flares
• Crimson Foam Handwritten Font (c5702d) Wedding Invitation Background
Inertial Bounce Expression

00:00:00 1 .1 Introduction

00:03:55 2.1 Keyframe Basics

00:17:58 2.2 Reveal Text With Masks and Layers

00:30:07 2.3 Basic Text Box Reveal

00:39:04 2.4 Bounding Box Reveal

00:50:53 2.5 Text Reveal Rectangles-Part1

01:03:55 2.6 Text Reveal Rectangles – Part2

01:12:39 3.1 Burger Logo – Prepare the Artwork

01:24:34 3.2 Burger Logo – Animate the Layers

01:35:38 3.3 Burger Logo- Final Touches

01:47:28 4.1 Outer Space – Animate With CC Lens

01:57:21 4.2 Outer Space – animating Strokes & Glow Effects

02:11:03 4.3 Outer Space – Lens Flares

02:19:48 4.4 Outer Space – Noise & Grain

02:32:03 5.1 Boutique Text – Prepare the Artwork

02:39:02 5.2 Boutique Text – Create the Layout

02:45:17 5.3 Boutique Text – Inertial Bounce Expression

02:56:37 5.4 Boutique Text – Wiggle Expression

03:02:43 5.5 Boutque Text – Layer Control

03:08:51 5.6 Boutique Text – Handwitten Text

03:21:58 5.7 Boutique Text – Final Touches

03:33:37 6.1 Conclusion

By: Envato Tuts+
Title: How to Animate in After Effects | FREE COURSE
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