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Gold Material – Cinema 4D Basics | Learn Cinema 4D

How to make original gold material in Cinema 4D. Learn Cinema 4D.

If you’re new to Cinema 4D, please check out Learning Cinema 4D R19, which starts at the very beginning and introduces you to how the software works.

Here, learn key foundational concepts, such as spline modeling, lighting, and materials, which are crucial to understanding exactly how this 3D application functions. Instructor Andy Needham covers practical techniques for extruding shapes; working with MoGraph tools such as Cloners and Effectors; and adding lighting and camera views for fully realized 3D motion graphics. Plus, find out how to integrate assets from Adobe Illustrator, composite multipass renders with the After Effects and C4D workflow, and use the Takes System to try different materials and settings and export your projects in the exact sizes and resolutions you need.

Topics include:

How 3D artists use C4D
Getting to know the interface
Modeling the logo
Animating with MoGraph
Animating the camera
Adding lighting
Creating and applying materials
Organizing the project
Rendering the project
Identifying what kind of C4D artist you want to be

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Title: Gold Material – Cinema 4D Basics | Learn Cinema 4D
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