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DaVinci Resolve Fusion Beginner Tutorial – Intro to Node Compositing

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In this DaVinci Resolve Fusion beginner tutorial, we will learn about node-based compositing, what is Fusion, and how it works!
This will be a beginner level tutorial for anyone who wants to get started on node compositing from importing to exporting your file! We will explore the basics of the Fusion workflow, and how to do simple compositing tasks.


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Fusion Tutorials playlist:

Fusion in DaVinci Resolve:

00:00 Intro
00:38 What is Fusion?
00:50 Introduction to Resolve/Fusion
01:30 Importing Files in Resolve
02:10 Getting started with creating Fusion VFX comp
02:41 Navigating the Fusion page
04:18 Intro to Node based compositing
06:30 Merging multiple elements
07:23 How the Viewer windows work
09:21 Creating the merge node
10:31 Dealing with Keyframes & Animation
12:00 Masking/Rotoscoping
13:30 The VFX comp size
15:00 How to remove black background in Fusion
16:43 Add color and blue
17:22 Rendering things out
17:55 Outro

Follow along!

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Title: DaVinci Resolve Fusion Beginner Tutorial – Intro to Node Compositing
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