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DaVinci Resolve for COMPLETE NOOBS!

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DaVinci Resolve for COMPLETE NOOBS!
🔴 FUSION Page for Absolute NOOBS! ▶️

If you’ve ever wanted to try editing with DaVinci Resolve but it seemed WAY too complicated and you felt overwhelmed, fear not!
Today I’ll walk through the basics to get you up & running so you can start editing with either the completely FREE version or the Studio version of DaVinci Resolve.

⬇️ Download DaVinci Resolve FREE Here! ⬇️

➡️DaVinci Resolve System Requirements:

0:00 DaVinci Resolve for COMPLETE Noobs!
0:23 DaVinci Resolve Free vs. Paid
1:35 Creating a New Project in Resolve
2:04 DaVinci Resolve Pages (Tabs)
2:44 Working in the Edit Page of Resolve
3:00 Project Settings in Resolve
4:36 The Edit Page Layout of Resolve Explained
5:38 Creating “Bins” in Resolve
7:00 Importing Media into Resolve
7:45 Bringing footage in your DaVinci Timeline
8:10 Zooming in & out of your Timeline
8:34 How to fix the color of your footage in Resolve
13:05 How to cut, trim & delete footage in your Timeline
13:20 Keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve
14:46 Ripple delete functions in Resolve
16:14 How to add Video Transitions in DaVinci
17:55 How to Zoom in and out of your footage in DaVinci Resolve
19:29 How to Add Text in DaVinci Resolve
21:53 How to contol your Audio in DaVinci Resolve -Fairlight
23:30 How to add Effects to your Audio in Resolve
24:12 How to Export your Project in DaVinci Resolve
27:53 How to Export a Specific Portion of your Timeline in Resolve
30:05 How to Make DaVinci Resolve run Smoother

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By: Daniel Batal
Title: DaVinci Resolve for COMPLETE NOOBS!
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