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DaVinci Resolve Beginner Tutorial | Free Video Editing

Go from a beginner to skilled fast with DaVinci Resolve, a great free video editor jam-packed with the tools to make your videos look great! ► Download unlimited DaVinci Resolve templates with Envato Elements:

Join Tom Graham as he walks you through everything you need to know to jump into the edit tab in DaVinci Resolve 17. You’ll learn how to set up your project, import your footage, edit the best takes, add graphics, logos, and text, and even do some basic color correction.

Note: While this course was recorded in Resolve 17, all the skills crossover into the new version and are available in the new update.

00:00:00 Introduction to the course
00:01:48 Opening up DaVinci Resolve for the first time
00:03:13 Setting up your databases
00:05:07 Complete overview of the DaVinci Resolve workspace
00:10:14 Importing your files in the media tab
00:11:23 Checking your project settings
00:12:35 Creating a timeline from your imported files
00:16:48 Complete overview of the Edit tab
00:23:34 Taking a look at the process of editing
00:25:35 Making selects: tools for finding the best takes in your footage
00:31:28 Crafting a narrative from your selects
00:33:43 Creating a compelling intro using a non-linear editing structure: motion portraits and voiceover
00:37:16 Introducing music into the edit to influence the overall tone
00:39:35 Making cuts to your music tracks to better fit your edit decisions
00:45:00 Continuing to craft the story of your edit
00:48:04 Creating a punch in or crop in edit to hide a jump cut in your footage
00:49:26 Using the rule of thirds to line up your edit points
00:51:19 Introducing B-roll footage to your edits
00:59:21 Using stock footage from Envato Elements to further enhance the narrative
1:03:41 Creating a music bed underneath your interview track
1:06:32 Creating animated lower thirds
1:09:23 Creating an outro for your video using music, b-roll, and motion graphics
1:11:27 Doing a really quick, really simple, but SUPER effective color grade on our footage
1:12:13 Working with LUTs in DaVinci Resolve, how to easily grade Slog3 footage
1:16:22 Duplicating your color grade across multiple pieces of footage
1:19:43 Mixing and mastering your dialogue track—the easy way!
1:21:36 The Final Product: reviewing the edit before delivering to the client
1:23:11 Exporting your video from DaVinci Resolve: how to set up your Deliver tab
1:24:41 Perfect YouTube export settings from DaVinci Resolve
1:25:42 Congratulations, you’re now a video editor!

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