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DaVinci Resolve App for iPad – Gimmick or a Real Thing?

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In this video, we will talk about the DaVinci Resolve app for iPad and what it really means for creators.

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Masterclass Announcement
01:27 – iPad Exclusive
01:53 – Free vs. Paid
02:12 – HDR Compatible
02:37 – Performance Boost
02:47 – Codecs Support
03:04 – Storage Solutions
03:26 – Multi-User Support
03:56 – Cross-Platform Compatible
04:25 – Clean Feed Ready
04:57 – Grading Experience
05:46 – Conclusion


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Equipment used:
Sony A7iv
Sigma 24-70 2.8
Rode NTG3
Nanlite Pavotubes
Resolve Advanced Panel
Apple XDR Display
Eizo CG279x

#davinciresolve #colorgrading #ipad

By: Waqas Qazi
Title: DaVinci Resolve App for iPad – Gimmick or a Real Thing?
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