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DaVinci Resolve 17 Crash Course! | Complete Guide for Beginners to Create your First Project

Welcome to this DAVINCI RESOLVE 17 CRASH COURSE – a COMPLETE GUIDE to creating your FIRST project in DaVinci Resolve 17 for Beginners! I’ve packed as much information and tips into this video as I could so it’s a ONE STOP SHOP resource for you. I’ll show you everything you need to know about getting started from installing DaVinci Resolve 17 all the way to exporting your first project! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s learn some DaVinci Resolve!

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0:00:00 Welcome to the DaVinci Resolve Crash Course!
0:00:32 What You’ll Learn In This Crash Course
0:01:45 Computer Requirements
0:02:35 DaVinci Resolve Free vs Studio
0:04:29 Downloading & Installing DaVinci Resolve
0:07:10 Think About Your Workflow
0:08:01 Open DaVinci Resolve for the 1st Time
0:08:27 Project Manager Window
0:08:38 Database Explained
0:09:55 Getting into DaVinci Resolve – Interface Overview
0:10:57 Quick Interface Overview – Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color Fairlight, Deliver
0:25:42 Start Your Project!
0:26:07 Preferences – Live Save & Backups – TURN ON!
0:28:01 UNCHECK THESE to Prevent crashing
0:28:54 Memory & GPU Settings
0:29:26 Media Storage
0:30:10 Project Settings – Optimized Media & Render Cache
0:33:20 Importing Media
0:33:34 Automatically Set Timeline Resolution and Framerate
0:35:07 Preview Files to Import
0:35:24 Organizing Footage
0:36:19 Start to Edit You’ve got Options
0:37:31 Preview Media
0:38:05 Dual Viewer Mode
0:38:38 Add Clip to Timeline
0:39:14 Timeline Zoom Options
0:39:48 Timeline View Options
0:40:09 Show Waveforms
0:41:19 How to Rename Tracks
0:41:44 Icons Under Track Name
0:42:40 How to Cut and Edit Clips
0:42:50 Selection Tool
0:43:05 Blade Tool / Cut Clip
0:44:08 How to Delete Clips
0:44:19 Ripple Delete
0:45:56 Setting In/Out Points
0:46:35 Adding Video, Audio or Both
0:47:18 Options to Insert Clips
0:48:32 INSPECTOR – Transform, Crop, Dynamic Zoom, Speed Change
0:51:58 Inspector – Retime & Scaling Options
0:52:57 Inspector – Audio: Volume, Pan, Pitch, EQ, Effects
0:53:28 Inspector – Transitions
0:54:06 Fade Video Clips
0:55:10 Extending/Reducing Clip Length
0:55:31 Fade Audio Clip
0:56:24 Snapping
0:57:08 Linking Clips
0:58:41 Adding Clips to Timeline
0:59:20 Slow Motion Clips
1:00:50 Playhead Shortcuts
1:03:19 Fix Upside Down Clip
1:06:48 More Editing Tips and Tricks
1:08:28 Speed Ramp How To
1:11:31 Removing Timeline Gaps
1:11:57 Smoother Playback Tips
1:14:56 Speed Ramp Retime Curve Ease In/Ease Out
1:16:21 Ease In/East Out of Speed Change
1:18:13 Transitions
1:20:31 Customize Transitions
1:22:26 Render Cache – Red/Blue Bar Above Clips
1:22:55 Make Clip Play in Reverse
1:24:30 Ripple Delete in Action
1:25:11 Moving Around Timeline Tips
1:26:00 How to UNDO
1:26:49 Adding Video/Audio Tracks
1:27:28 Move Tracks
1:29:48 Stabilization & Clip Smoothing For Choppy B-Roll
1:34:49 Audio in DaVinci Resolve
1:35:17 Setting Audio Levels
1:36:15 Target Levels for Vocals
1:36:42 Normalize Audio Levels
1:38:03 Watch the Meters
1:39:03 Easy EFFECTS
1:39:16 Audio Effects
1:39:25 Titles
1:40:33 Transform on Screen Tool
1:41:57 Generator Effects
1:42:47 Adjustment Clips & Fusion Composition
1:45:29 Open FX
1:46:27 Audio Effects
1:47:18 Color Grading Basics
1:48:03 Copy/Paste Clips Shortcut
1:48:26 Moving Clips to Another Track
1:49:26 Color Tab
1:52:16 Basic Color Grading Tools – Nodes/White Balance
1:54:44 Changing Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows
1:55:32 Adding a Vignette with Power Window
1:55:52 Power Windows
1:58:57 Sharpening
2:00:48 White-Black Points
2:02:15 Copy-Paste Color Grades
2:04:18 Waveforms, Parade, Vector-scope Scopes
2:05:45 Fusion Tab
2:06:08 Fairlight Tab
2:06:58 The MIXER Overview – Effects, EQ, Dynamics
2:09:05 Fixing Audio Problems
2:11:20 Add Music Track to Project
2:16:07 Keyframe Music Volume
2:18:42 Exporting Your Project
2:22:04 Wrapping up & Final Thoughts

By: Jason Yadlovski
Title: DaVinci Resolve 17 Crash Course! | Complete Guide for Beginners to Create your First Project
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