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Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Create an Exhibition Stand

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So something that’s come up quite a few times on our videos, is the request to show how to model an exhibition stand.
As I explain in the video, this is something that is both relatively simple and tricky at the same time.
Modelling something like that isn’t too difficult, not having a specific design to model from, is the trickier part.
Once you’ve been allocated an exhibition space, normally you’d have an idea of the sort of layout you want, the sort of stuff available to you, the sort of stuff you could afford and you’d pop that all over to a designer who’d do the rest.
In this video, I have taken features from a few bespoke exhibition stands and given some tips and tricks on how you could model your own.
Firstly you will start by figuring out your space by using a cube and making it the correct size.
Then you will use some textures from Cinema 4D’s content browser to add the floor.
You will then learn how to use splines and an Extrude NURBS in order to create the back archway.
You will use a simple cube and the bend deformer in order to add the front desks and upper struts.
Using splines and extrudes or simple cubes you can give yourself the back of the stand and the front panel.
Then you will learn how to apply some textures, correctly size them and then scale them to fit your model.
Simple, clean textures allow the stand to “stand” out as it were and then using extra content from the browser you can fill your stand with other things like chairs and TV’s.
Adding in simple lights, a physical sky, some luminent polygons and of course, Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion, finalise your stand.

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Title: Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to Create an Exhibition Stand
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