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Cinema 4D tutorial – Advanced splines made easy

Hey guys Sean Dove here and today Ive got a quick tip I want to share that I think you’ll like

Working with splines is one of my favourite things to do inside cinema 4D
I grew up playing with photoshop using the pen tool to create paths so splines just made sense to me – they’re great for typography or to create a path for an object to follow

However a detailed spline can be time consuming to set up. What I mean when I say this is when you import a spline to Cinema, lets say a text path you’ve set up in photoshop or illustrator, it comes in flat – but what I want to create is this nice interweaving within the spine and ultimately a heap of depth.

I say this can be a time consuming because if you have a path with 50 or even 100 points, manually placing them can be extremely tedious
– Ive done my fair share of manual spline point placement so I though I had to find a way to speed up the process

Im going to share a quick tip for how to create this nice interweaving and depth within your spline, without needing to move even one point
– to demonstrate this technique Im going to use a spline inspired by a single line art piece from french creative duo DFT. The work these guys are doing is stunning, ill pop a link down below to their work go check them out, seriously impressive!

Also shoutout to Vincent Montel and the Spewmen for sharing their bands music video with me where they used one of my tutorials to create these great clips – they really pushed it further and the end result looks great! Thanks guys!

With that said Lets jump into todays tip


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By: Sean Dove
Title: Cinema 4D tutorial – Advanced splines made easy
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