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Cinema 4D R21: New Exciting Features!

There’s a lot of exciting new workflow enhancements to unpack with Cinema 4D R21! EJ Hassenfratz goes over the new Caps and Bevels, Maxons new pricing model, Field Forces, and so much more!

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EJ Hassenfratz (00:00): It’s Christmas in July in time for a new cinema, four D release. And this one is unlike any other release before let’s check it out.

EJ Hassenfratz (00:19): In this view, I’m going to be covering some of the most notable new features added to cinema 4d art 21, as well as some of my favorite aspects of those big new features. Now, if you want to follow along, be sure to download some of the project files. You can find that link in this video description. All right. So let’s actually hop in a cinema 4d and see what has changed within the app. And once you watch them before D you’re going to be greeted with this new quick start dialogue that is kind of Maxons’ answer to the quick start dialogues in Adobe products. So like after effects Photoshop, you get that launch screen. And you’re going to see that we have the recent files that we have here that you can select. There’s also templates that will be populated as this gets updated.

EJ Hassenfratz (01:03): And you’re also going to have this new file button and open button right in this little quick start dialogue. Another cool thing is that you’re going to have a list of updated Cineversity tutorials that you can check out and get familiar with as well as spotlighted series like this one from yours, truly, that is all about injecting character into objects using just deformers. Now this is always going to be updating. So it’s always going to be a fun little surprise. Each time you launched cinema 4d to see what tutorial content is going to be here. So really cool stuff. But once you close out of that quick start dialogue, you can then feast your eyes on the updated UI and interface. First thing you’re going to notice is that everything is slightly darker, and this is the help with contrast and a make this interface a little bit easier on the eyes.

EJ Hassenfratz (01:54): You’re going to notice that this is the same kind of darker gray that was added to Adobe products when it launched to creative cloud. So we’ve got that really nice, darker, slick UI. Another big improvement is all the icons are much crisper, and this is because with our 21 there’s new high res display support. Okay. So that means that this is going to be looking really nice and snazzy on HD monitors. Okay. So another thing you’ll notice is that some of the icons are a little bit different or have been updated. A lot of the menus have been switched around now. I’m actually in the old school menu, but if I go back to the cinema 4d menu, you can see that things are kind of grouped differently. Okay. Now, if you’re not quite happy with all of the new groupings and a lot of this is actually pretty intuitive, the new way, all these menus are grouped.

EJ Hassenfratz (02:50): You can always go back to the old way by going to the cinema 4d legacy menu. And that’ll bring everything back to how was laid out before, at least in this top bar menu. Now, another thing you’re going to notice is that we have a whole bunch of new icons up here and actually reorganized the icons as well. Let me just start from the left and move to the right. One of the things that I think is going to be a huge help is the docked reset PSR button. So if I move anything in my scene and I just want to reset the position, scale and rotation. So let me just rotate this and click that reset PSR, bam. It’s going to reset all of my coordinates back to their default. And this is just going to be a really handy thing to have docked.

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