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Cinema 4D R20 tutorial – Transforming effect

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Hey guys – Sean Dove here back with another cinema 4d quick tip!

A little while ago one of you guys sent me this great animation made by a studio called Moose Tank and asked, how could we go about creating a similar animation. In the clip we see this really cool morph, transform effect between different pieces of technology and the whole thing is really impressive!

To better understand how Moose Tank created this transform animation I went frame by frame during one of the morph states to see if we could get any clues. Something I did noticed was that as it begins to morph, the next state actually seems to scales up in pieces as the previous scales down – and when this is played back in real time it looks like they transformed seamlessly. Now of course this is over simplifying this great piece however it will be the bases for how we start to attach it for ourselves!

So of course I was pumped to see what sort of results we could achieve – we will have a play trying to transform between two seperate objects by taking full advantage of some Mograph effectors and get some dynamics involved to finish it all off.

alright, lets have a play!


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By: Sean Dove
Title: Cinema 4D R20 tutorial – Transforming effect
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