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Cinema 4D Animation Plugins

we are going to talk about different animation plugins for cinema 4D that can be used for different purposes in animation projects, like animating characters, vehicles and elements of the environment. also some of these plugins can be used for motion graphics which is one of the main things that cinema 4D is good at.

13_Motion stretch deformer
Motion Stretch is a Cinema 4D plugin that pulls any object’s points forwards and backward in time along with their animation.

12_Gelatine Deformer
This is a jiggle plugin that is similar to the Jiggle deformer in C4D, but it is faster, efficient and it comes with more features like having More flabby effect

Xfrog is a procedural organic plugin that allows you to create and animate 3d trees, flowers and so on based on special effects or architectural forms.

10_Scroll Roll Deformer
This plugin can be used to roll up objects or surfaces like a paper scroll or carpet.

9_People in Motion
People in Motion is a plugin for C4D that was designed specifically as a tool for building character animations for 3D visualizations.

The Unfolder plugin generates unfolding effects on any type of polygon-based geometry.

GorillaCam can be used to take an existing camera in C4D and make it feel like it is held by a human being as oppose to what c4d has which is an unnatural robotic camera movement.

Signal allows c4d artists to instantly create complex animations with intricate loops, realistic noise, and additive effects, without using keyframes.

Drive is a plugin that can be used to create physically correct vehicle animations with ease.

Transform is an animation plugin for Cinema 4D that simplifies complex motions by using under-the-hood procedural techniques instead of using keyframes.

NitroPose is a cinema 4d plugin that provides a simple interface for creating a library of character poses and allows you to create poses easily.

IkMax is a cinema 4d plugin that can be used to rig a character in a very short period of time without having to deal with the complex technicality of rigging.

Mixamo has over 3,000+ motion-tracked animations that can be used in 3D animation projects. This data can be easily applied to humanoid biped characters for quick animations.

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