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C4D R25 Beginners Workshop (Part 4 – Animation and Dynamics)

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Hands-on with Maxon Cinema 4D R25 Beginners Workshop: Part 4 – Animation and Dynamics

Over six Wednesdays in September and October, join our series of webinars that will show you how to get comfortable in Cinema 4D from scratch!

Maxon Trainers Elly Wade and Matt Umney will take you through the basics of Cinema 4D R25 from start to finish, including a whole bunch of tips, tricks and techniques.

These 2-hour sessions are also especially useful for students and people who want to increase their Cinema 4D knowledge. Attendees are invited to follow along with the techniques, with included project files.

Post your work for us to see using the hashtag #HOWMaxon

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Project Files:

Part 1: Getting Started in Cinema 4D R25
Part 2: Modelling
Part 3: Lighting and Materials
Part 4: Animation and Dynamics
Part 5: MoGraph
Part 6: Rendering

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Session Objectives
03:40 Manual Keyframing
11:50 Animation Q&A
18:35 Automatic Keyframing
22:42 Animation Q&A
25:52 Timeline
31:45 F-Curves
40:40 Dynamics
45:05 Triggering Collision
49:42 Dynamics Q&A
01:02:20 Inflating Text Animation
01:09:20 Inflate with Displacer
01:12:42 Text Subdivisions
01:19:55 Triggering Inflate with Fields
01:27:36 Adding Dynamics
01:31:02 Q: Animate Inflate with Vertex Map
01:42:20 Custom Initial Velocity
01:43:42 Inflate with Soft Body
01:48:50 Soft Body Mesh Deformer
01:56:05 Next Week

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By: Maxon Training Team
Title: C4D R25 Beginners Workshop (Part 4 – Animation and Dynamics)
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