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C4D Lite for After Effects (4 of 4)

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Join the Maxon Training Team as Elly, Darrin and Chad help you integrate 3D in your After Effects projects. The techniques in these sessions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from indie artists and multidisciplinary teams to editors and motion graphics designers.

Join us as we continue to explore After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite workflows,, including tracking scenes, compositing tricks for 3D objects, tips for processing more quickly, AEC workflows from Cinema 4D, and also adding visual flair with Red Giant plug-ins.

00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:53 Housekeeping
00:04:30 Camera tracking Ae merge to C4D
00:09:33 Ae Ground Plane saved as C4D
00:11:33 C4D Multi-Pass and Comp file (aec)
00:14:44 C4D AEC workflow
00:16:45 __ replace layer (option key)
00:17:01 __ Knoll Light Factory with aec data
00:21:28 Q Lights behind screen visibility.
00:24:12 __ Supercomp interaction
00:30:56 C4D MoGraph Demo [full version]
00:40:10 __ Fracture v Cloner position
00:45:00 __ Dynamic setup
00:53:08 Q Random Effector unified scale option
00:53:52 Q Formula Effector how it connects
00:57:27 Lite render with Unreal engine
01:00:00 Thanks and goodbye

AEC = After Effects Compositing
Knoll as in John Knoll, co-creator of Photoshop.

By: Maxon Training Team
Title: C4D Lite for After Effects (4 of 4)
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