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C4D How To Fastest Comic Book Style Render in Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon Optional NO Redshift

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Model made by Benjamin Leitgeb
Base rigging done by Orestis Konstantinidis

Adjustments made to the “Advanced Face Rig” in order to create this example… I hope this technique speeds up your workflow dramatically… Everything was rendered using the Standard and Physical Renderers… Adobe After Effects was used for additional post production work…

EJ Hassenfratz of Eyedesyn really goes in depth about Cinema 4D sketch & Toon among many other topics, just an overall amazing channel and teacher you can find him here:

If you have red this far down I appreciate you… We put a lot of time into making these tutorials and it is people like you that help us keep going… Thanks again from the bottom of our blood pumping chest devices…

Rick York & Nick Tengri

Chapters : Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Comic Book Look:
3:41 – Tattoos:
4:28 – Sketch & Toon:
5:09 – Gratis:
5:22 – Outro:

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By: Common Sense Made Simple
Title: C4D How To Fastest Comic Book Style Render in Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon Optional NO Redshift
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