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C4D Fundamentals | 03 – Introduction to Polygon Modeling

This is a super basic introduction tutorial to polygon modeling in Cinema4D. I’ll cover some theory and basic concepts and afterwards I’ll go through the most important tools when it comes to polygon modeling.
This is the groundwork you will need if you want to start to learn polygon modeling and you have no or only very little experience in Cinema 4D or 3D software in general. I will go into more detailed techniques and more applied examples in an other dedicated training, but make sure to get the basics straight.

——- CONTENT ——-
00:20 Modeling Methods Overview
02:25 What objects are made of
05:15 Objects States
09:45 Polygon Modeling is like building a paper plane
10:50 Modeling Tools
34:35 Modeling Exercise
35:15 The importance of edge bevelling
36:35 Different bevelling approaches
43:05 Summary

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By: Christoph Doe
Title: C4D Fundamentals | 03 – Introduction to Polygon Modeling
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