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C4D Fundamentals | 02 – Introduction to Spline Modeling

Using Cinema4D Splines to create your first 3D objects is a great start. They are easy to understand, yet give you a lot of freedom in creation. In this tutorial I’ll get you started with Splines, NURBS and NURBS-Generators. I’ll cover all the basics about Splines and afterwards demonstrate the Lathe, Extrude, Sweep and Loft Generators. No idea what all the words mean? No problem, just watch.

——- CONTENT ——-
00:25 Modeling Methods Overview
02:05 What are splines?
03:44 What are NURBS?
07:20 Working with Splines
16:25 NURBS-Generators (Extrude, Sweep, Lathe…)
30:27 Summary

——- FEEDBACK ——-
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By: Christoph Doe
Title: C4D Fundamentals | 02 – Introduction to Spline Modeling
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