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Animated Depth Map Resolve 18 – BEGINNERS

How do you animate the Depth map to allow someone to Jump OVER the tiles ? Easily – Beginners guide to Animated Depth Map effect in Resolve 18, without touching Fusion! A few other tips along the way too including how to increase performance on complex effects.
DaVinci Resolve 18 Beta 4 is out now.


Graphics in this episode were made using MotionVFX for DaVinci Resolve. Get 15% discount with this link using code DARREN15 at checkout (excl bundles).
I used mTitle Hype DV, mTutorial DV & mTuber 2 DV

00:00 INTRO
01:00 Better Playback
04:59 Animating the Depth Map
07:35 Animating the Title
11:49 Ease In/Out
12:44 Final Result
12:56 Swap Footage Quality back to highest
13:16 OMG! A much easier way!! LIGHTBULB MOMENT!

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Footage from Artgrid.

Get *** 2 MONTHS FREE **** licensing for Artgrid and Artlist using these links. No deals available for Motion Array. I may get an affiliate link commission at no extra cost to you.


Motion Array

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By: Darren Mostyn
Title: Animated Depth Map Resolve 18 – BEGINNERS
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