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After Effects 2023 New Features – The BIGGEST Update EVER!

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In this video, I cover what is new inside After Effects 2023. Adobe just rolled out their 2023 Creative Cloud applications and there are a lot of new features inside this year’s version of After Effects. A few include colorizing keyframes, newly designed track matte layer controls, and the return of exporting h.264 mp4 files natively out of After Effects.

To see all the updates to After Effects, check out the link below:

Time Codes:
00:00 Welcome
00:39 New Composition Presets
00:56 Seperate Position Dimensions
01:41 Select Track Matte Layer Controls
03:01 Colorize Keyframes
04:05 Native H.264 Encoding

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By: John The Video Guy
Title: After Effects 2023 New Features – The BIGGEST Update EVER!
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