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Adobe FINALLY did it! \\ New After Effects Presets!

Download the AE Project File:
(AE Beta v23.0.0 required)


BenQ ScreenBar Plus:
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After 17 years Adobe has FINALLY updated the text animator and shape presets for After Effects and they’re accessible in the current beta version! And not only that, they got actual motion designers who use the software to create them. One of those motion designers just happens to have been me! In this video I’ll walk you through the 8 advanced text animator presets I contributed to the 50 new AE presets, and show you some of the other great presets in this batch. I’ve also made a project file available to download with a contact sheet of comps with every new preset applied, so you don’t have to go digging through the presets to find which ones are new.


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00:00 50 Brand New Presets for AE!!!
00:33 BenQ ScreenBar Plus
01:49 Getting AE’s Beta version
03:12 Slide And Pop In
03:54 3D Rotate X
04:14 Alternating Characters
04:28 Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console
05:17 Blur & Fade
05:31 Glitchy Text Decoder
06:03 Scale From Point
06:26 Slide From Comp Edge
07:26 ECAbrams!

By: Jake In Motion
Title: Adobe FINALLY did it! \\ New After Effects Presets!
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